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Häufig gestellte Fragen

  • How do I register as a new customer?
    If you do not yet have an account, you can register under "My account" under "New customer". You will then be asked for your email and a password for your account, which you can use to log in again later. If you also agree to the general terms and conditions and the data protection declaration below and click on "Create account", you can already create an address for delivery and billing and start shopping.
  • Can I log in without a password?
    Yes. With this registration procedure, you will be sent an e-mail containing a registration link. Clicking on the link opens a new browser tab with the aXpel Shop, in which you are already logged in. This registration procedure is also recommended if you have previously registered as a guest. To do this, enter your e-mail address under “With e-mail link (without password)” under “My account”.
  • How do I sign in with Google or Facebook?
    When you log in with Google or Facebook, you log in to the aXpel shop with the Google or Facebook user account. To do this, click on “Sign in with Google” or “Continue with Facebook” under “My account”. Then you will be forwarded to the registration on Google or Facebook. After logging in, you can create your address for your shop account and start shopping.
  • How do I change my shipping or billing address?
    In the order overview you can see your delivery and billing address. You can use the "Change" buttons below to adjust the addresses as you wish. In the next window you can then change the addresses directly or add a new one.
  • I forgot the password. What now?
    Then we will send you a link with which you can reset your password. To do this, click on “Forgot your password” under “My account” and enter your account email. The link will then be sent to you via this email.
  • Will my old login data from the old shop also work in the new one?
    If you would like to log in with an email and password as before, you must first set a new password. To do this, click the "Forgot your password" button. You can then enter your e-mail address, which you have previously used in the shop and you will be sent a link to reset your password.
  • How do I search for items?
    You can find the item you want either using the category icons in the stock item band and then in the list that appears, or using the search field at the top of the shop, where you can find the item you want by entering the item number, item name or general search terms.
  • How do I order?
    When you have found the article you want, you can set the desired quantity using the - or + and then click on the shopping cart icon. The item will then be added to your shopping cart. Then continue your purchase with «Continue shopping» or start the payment process with «Checkout».
  • What are the delivery costs?
    Deliveries are free from a value of 100 CHF. Below that you pay a small quantity surcharge of CHF 10.
  • I can't find the packaging size I want. Do you also make custom products and how can I order them?
    We would be happy to advise you personally on this topic. Get in touch with one of our customer advisors or fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
  • I would like a custom printed packaging. How do I order these?
    Get in touch with a customer advisor, we would be happy to advise you personally on your individual packaging. Or leave a message on the contact form.
  • Ordering via the online shop does not seem to be possible at the moment. What now?
    You are also welcome to forward your order directly to us by e-mail or telephone. The customer advisors are happy to help you.
  • What is packaging?
    Packaging means all materials and objects that are used to protect products from external influences during storage, transport and sale. This includes, for example, cartons, foils, bottles, glasses, cans and bags. Packaging is not only practical, but also fulfills important functions such as protecting food from air, moisture, light and dirt, as well as maintaining the quality and safety of products. Marketing aspects also play a role, as packaging often also contains information about the product and its brand.
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